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I remember being a young child waking to the smell of my mothers baking and the smell of hot cocoa simmering on the stove in the winter……the good ole day’s that are embedded in my memory forever. There were nine of us and as kids, we always had homemade baked goods packed in our lunch boxes. The other kids at school would always want to trade me for something in their lunchbox.

Occasionally, I would trade them for a PB & J sandwich, because my mother never packed that for us, and I always wanted one! The neighbors would ask, “how does your mother have time to bake?”


Construction of the Fox & Hounds, an Old English Tudor, castle style structure on Woodward Avenue and Long Lake Road began in 1927. The Fox & Hounds was established as an Inn in 1928, the complex contained a restaurant, shops, a ballroom, apartments and sleeping rooms. During the prohibition era, a tunnel from under the building ran across the street and was used for smuggling alcohol. It became known as a landmark, fine dining establishment with quality cuisine, and extraordinary service.

In later years, a pastry shop was added, with a reputation for its splendid cakes and desserts.

They always had Ding Dongs, Hostess cup cakes or Twinkies, and I would ask my mother to buy them. Once, she made lil’ cakes that looked and tasted just like Twinkies. I thought I had the best Twinkies ever! I guess my mother was ahead of her time. This is the reason she made everything from scratch and wouldn’t buy prepackaged food, because she knew they had too many additives.

I was ten years old when I baked my first cake, and I have never stopped! I would make birthday cakes for my siblings, and many sweet creations for my friends, neighbors, or anyone who would eat them! Many years later, I was privileged to work at the original Fox & Hounds Pastry Den in Bloomfield Hills, under the head pastry chef for many years. It was sad to see it’s last day in 2007, but I was fortunate to have one of their last dinners served! I always had a love for old buildings and an interest in history, as well. I always said, “that was my favorite place I’ve ever worked!” I was proud to be a part of a local, historic favorite and grateful for the nice people and great memories!

In 2005, I started my own lil’ dessert company in the kitchen of my own home. My daughter and I would have desserts stacked in every square inch of our kitchen. If friends or family came by while we were working, they were likely to get pulled in, given an apron, and they would do anything from boxing desserts to drizzling chocolate on our tasty lil’ miniature treats. We joke about it today, because we would pay them with cake! That’s what they wanted! Then, we would drive down the road in our SUV packed from top to bottom, in hopes of selling our days worth of work. Today, I still put my music on, turn the volume up and get into my baking zone!

Now, my daughter and I are excited to start our own journey, and we are pleased to bring back a staple that is well known in Michigan – the historical Fox & Hounds Pastry Den. I recently acquired the name and recipes to carry on this local tradition. And, I am pleased to have Keri, one of the pastry chefs that once worked there, come and join our staff.The pastry den has been a favorite for many families throughout the years! There were many celebrations, cakes for birthdays and weddings that had been a tradition, and we are so happy to embrace them again. I had made some good friends while there, and I am honored to carry on this tradition!

(P.S.) For those of you who were regulars…….you’ll remember the Celebrations Cakes……Vanilla, Chocolate or Marble with our signature Butter cream!

AND so, the journey begins! Come and try The Best Butter Cream Ever!

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